You would think that writing a blog post about yourself would be fairly easy.. on the contrary it is harder than cement. But I digress… I am going to attempt to sum myself up on this computer screen.. could be complicated so get your thinking cap on.
My name is Felica Ann Marie Cox. The first name is Fa-Lee-Sha… yes I know that my mom can’t spell, but cut her some slack.. after 32 hours of labor I don’t think you would spell very well either! Two middle names; family tradition. And yes my last name is Cox.. thank goodness for the spelling. I was born on tax day (April 15th 1989) to Mark Lynwood Cox and Lisa Anne Burrup (at the time) in Portland, Oregon. OHSU (Oregon Health Science University) to be exact. I was predicted to be of the male variety.. but I popped out a girl and my mom resorted to a soap opera (General Hospital) for a suitable name. Of course she chose Felica. I have two little brothers, Marshall Latin Tanzer Cox, and Brayden Sonny Cox (different mother hence 1 middle name) and I also have 2 little sisters, Audrey Jay Lynn Cox and Makayla Jean Cox (1 middle name…different mother). Obviously we are a little mixed up but I love it, I treat ALL of my siblings as if we are blood related and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Marshall is 19 years old, we are the closest in age and and heart. Everyone asks if we are twins because we are so close in age. He lives in Shelley, Idaho with his highschool sweetheart Kayla Alderson. They have been dating for roughly 3 years and they just need to tie the knot already!
Makayla is the next oldest at 16. She lives in Idaho Falls with her mother Kristy, and she is a sports STAR.
The there is Audrey, she is 13 years old and she lives in Oregon with her father. She is quite the beauty, black hair, blue eyes… snow white in real life!
Brayden is 11. The little heart throb of the family! He has a new girlfriend each week. I have high hopes that he will play in the NFL, he is a little football giant!
My mother.. Lisa. She was always our rock, raising us as a single parent with little or no help from outside sources. Marshall, Audrey and I grew up most of our lives with her in Portland, although we did travel to various homes in a myriad of cities and states. She currently lives in Idaho Falls.
My father, Mark. He is a curious man.. clown on one side and serious OCD guy on the other. He wasn’t around much when I was young but he made up for it in trips and is trying hard to be that father now. He is currently in Shelley, Idaho caring for Brayden who’s mother lives in Jackson Hole, WY with her new husband and new baby.
My family is like…. Jenga? a complicated puzzle that fits perfectly together… and sometimes when the pieces are disturbed we crash down, only to be reassembled by a higher hand.
ENOUGH with the boring bio… lets get into the fun stuff!
I am a Public Relations major, social science minor at UTAH STATE University. It is quiet the school! After a year rotting away in Idaho I decided to make a big move for myself. I wanted to be away from old influences and closer to the example of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was baptized into the true church when I was 16, almost 17. The move was awesome for me. I met amazing friends and progressed academically. I will be graduating in Fall 2011 with my bachelors in Communication.

I want to do a lot of things… I think this may be a perfect place for a BUCKET LIST..

skydive in Hawaii, eat french pastries, scuba dive the coral reef, roadtrip to southern California, have 4 babies, get married in the temple, play beach volleyball in Australia, meet Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Vince Vaughn, own a Range Rover, start my own business,  go fishing in Alaska, shop the black market in Hong Kong, wonder around in Europe, take pictures in Greece, kiss in the rain, host my own Thanksgiving dinner, design and build my own home, scrapbook my child’s life, buy a piece of fine art, make a souffle, fit into my wedding dress when I am 40, be madly in love with my husband forever.

… This list will be added to.

My favorites…

white, french fries, sweaters, apple juice, dancing, kissing, cuddling, love sacs, writing, singing, new socks, book of mormon, hot showers, boating, sun, popsicles, sidewalk chalk, coloring books, disney movies, one liners, comedians, going out to eat, sushi,  soft heavy blankets, hot chocolate, the smell of coffee.

Things I hate…

being cold, goosebumps, stuffing, warm milk, dollar stores, long hair on boys, blue cars, being scared, suprises, gerber daisies, repetitive work, Harry Potter.. sorry, 300 movie, being ignored,pinches! … man I tried to make this list long.. but I don’t hate many things!

Well…. I think this is enough about me for the day. Welcome to my blog.

Always, Felica


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