Lambs to Lions: Virtually Fearless

You know what I long for? Good ol’fashioned face-to-face, knees trembling, cards on the table, communication. Texting, Facebook, blogging, twitter, are all things that I LOVE. Don’t take this the wrong way, I wouldn’t want to come across as some old grammy in her nightgown waving my cane at the young ones, but sometimes I just wish that all of these alternate forms of pathetic communication were removed when it came to the dealings of the heart.

In no way is it okay for a human of the male variety to send MULTIPLE texts repeatedly throughout the day to try and persuade you to hang out when they don’t have the kahunas to ask you in person.

A Facebook friend request is not personal, cute, clever or hard, and in most cases it is a glorified booty call, made acceptable by the fact that you learned each others favorite songs on chat..

.. and for hells sake, just because you “like” my status does not mean we are two peas in a pod.

So keep your “pokes”, “likes”, “tweets”, “posts”, relationship statuses, “tags” and harassing messages to yourself, man up and ask me on a date. Face-to-face, knees trembling, cards on the table date.


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