Dear Slice

This morning I woke up to an extremely angry blog reader.
Unaware that anyone reads this I was taken back that Jimmy Dean was so offended; then I figured my play on words with the sausage fingers probably wasn’t too good for business. On a more serious note. The lovey couple on the bus had every right to love each other just as I had every right to tease them about it.

Secondly the fact that they hadn’t showered had nothing to do with their financial situation. This I know first hand considering that approximately… My whole life… We were dirt poor and yet we managed to get our hands on a bar of soap. Based on the fact alone that they are at a collegiate level I doubt poverty is their downfall.

This world is far too serious. If all of us walked around with, excuse me, “sticks up our rear” arguing the politically correct way to speak to each other what fun would it be? And yesMr.Dean I hopped off my “high horse” to write this, and it sucked, I like it up there. So I’m heading back up to make fun of people, myself, and lighten the mood of this world a little because it’s way too uptight. Ps. Next time you want to tell me I’m conceded do me a favor and go anonymous on that email, “”, doesn’t quite get your point across.
–Always Felica


2 thoughts on “Dear Slice

  1. was probably the poor bastard that was on that bus making out with his horrific girlfriend…i am almost tempted to repost your blog on my wall for the world to read…because the world needs educating.
    other than that, congrats on your first hate mail =)

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