For someone who has had absolutely no success when it comes to relationships I sure do have a lot of opinions… So don’t take one single word I utter seriously.

Rollercoaster. The last word one wants to use to describe a ride their heart has recently taken. The anticipation of the first hill… climbing slowly, each *click* an advance to the next terrifying stage of the ride.

A rollercoaster is safe; but stomach turning. We’ve all ridden them, but each is new. The comparison to a relationship is uncanny. For a couple months the rollercoaster was closed for repair. It opened again last night . .

I kept my arms in the air. I shuttered with every drop and loved every butterfly in my stomach. The picture(s) taken captured the rush of excitement you brought. But in the end you let me down. The coasters always do. An abrupt stop halted the joy that erupted in my heart. My screams deadened by the silence of completion.

I feel queasy. My hands are sweating.

I bought a few tickets and I used all but one on you love coaster. You introduced me to a new wave of heart wrenching emotion but I don’t want to ride anymore.

…the sun is setting, across the water I can see the lights of the high swings. As a child I loved the comforting sway and lift of the high swings. I think I’ll use my ticket on the swings.                . . . . I want to hold a hand on my swing. I want to hold the hand of someone who will let me have the outside swing. I want to look into their eyes as we feel the rush of the rise and fall.

I want to use my last ticket on the high swings.

The rollercoaster isn’t quiet the rush it used to be.



2 thoughts on “LoveCoaster.

  1. felica…that was…potentially the most poetic and beautifully accurate and perfect piece i have ever read.
    absolutely awesome.

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