Once I tried to start a diary, actually more like 100 times. Every new years resolution list included this goal, and most years failed after pg.1.

This blog diary has lasted the very longest. It may be the ease of my fingers pecking the keys opposed to writing (old school style) on paper. It may be the fact that even though a diary should be secret, this virtual account of my hearts longings could be viewed by absolutely everyone.

Regardless the reason, I’d like to use these words to tell you that fairytales actually do exist..

In past entries I have torn apart the bindings of my Cinderella story. Years of tortured hearts, exposed souls and falling tears have faded the pages. In recent days I have begun to recognize that perhaps my prince charming may actually exist.

Doors are opened. Commitments made. Hearts feelings are expressed through broken words in dark rooms, sparks erupting as love blossoms deep inside of me. Me as a whole, not just my heart, not just my soul, but all of me encompassed by the genuine love of another.

My safe haven; that’s what I have found. If ever I believed that to be in love was a spontaneous combustion of volcanoes and fireworks I was wrong. It is the high-swings, it is the river gently flowing, calm.

It seems as though my fairytale actually does exist. And forever just isn’t long enough with my prince, let’s try eternity.


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