Destiny is determined by our decisions.

… our agency allows us to achieve as much, or as little, as we please.

There is nothing like being secluded from the world to make you realize how blessed you are. This weekend I had the opportunity to bask in the fall sun in Hobblecreek Canyon. Burning leaves lined the rugged path to a ranch that is of fairytale proportion. I was greeted by individuals who beam with love and long to their share life. Our stomachs were filled with warm waffles topped with sweat cream and ripe raspberries as well as savory Korean dishes.

The crisp mornings were filled with cozy blankets and inspiring talks from the leaders of the church.

The nights filled with rich laughs and friendships lit on fire. The kind of moments, people and spirit that we long to have for eternity.

This wasn’t meant to be a brag blog. . . But sometimes we must take a step back and realize that we are gilded. Our lives are covered in gold, glittering and rich. If we allow the sunshine in we can glow and warm everything around us. This weekend was sunshine.



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