Green Green Grass.

“The grass is always greener on the other side” 

Somedays it really does seem this way. Your next promotion will be more fulfilling. Next year you will lose weight.

There is someone out there that will make your heart beat and your butter’s fly in the pit of your stomach. A special prince charming that will usher you onto his “White Horse” and “Make You Feel Like The Only Girl in the World” (Thanks T-Swift & Boyce Avenue). But it seems that there is a reason these are nothing more than songs.

All of us can relate to that gut-wrenching moment when you turn on the radio and stumble upon lyrics that arise feelings within you. The words commercially reflect past love and artificially connect you back to them.

But as easily as they relate, these words are generic. No song can describe the warmth you felt in their arms. No lyrics can describe the break of your earth as it crumbled around you in the downfall.

No two zebras have the same stripes. Even more diverse is the relationship between two lovers; adapting by the second to the needs of the one they love. No lyric, therapist or advice column can repair a torn love. Only we can take responsibility for our love and the love we choose to give to another. We must recognize our mistakes, short comings and needs.

When your grass dies do you saunter over to the neighbors lawn, cut out a chunk and press it into your soil? I sure hope not. Contrary to popular statement, “The grass is always greener where you tend it

–Always Felica


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