Heart Script

“We are on the same page.”

I’ve tried extremely hard to understand what this means.

Life is not a book, and love is not as simple as reading along at the same point in a fairytale. This sounds pessimistic yes, but if you truly think about it we are never on the same page. You and your lover will most likely work different jobs. You will wake up on opposite sides of the bed. You will interact with a crop of people throughout the day who are completely separate.

And at night you will reunite. You will kiss, share food and stories. You will share the pages you wrote in your life while the other was etching verses into their’s.

To share chapters is realistic. To exist on the same page is unfathomable. We must learn that love is a series, when you decide to write one you must not expect your lover to add periods to your sentences but more realistically hope that his stories will compliment yours.

Co-existing and consistency create a relationship that calms the wayward heart and scripts pages upon pages in the novel of the heart.

–Always Felica.


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