the magic of believing

Where a child sees magic adults see reality.

A small fort constructed of old sheets reveals a lush land, full of menacing dragons and long haired princesses. Going to work seems quite ridiculous and there is no reason why we can’t have pink cake for every meal.

As adults we have stifled our imagination. We have conditioned our brains to think in bills and grocery lists and forgotten the whimsical land of make-believe.

I think this is a true tragedy. If we learn the magic of believing, each day will be renewed, each venture passionate and each person a compelling part of our story.

I am not suggesting that we all go put on sparkly capes and run around waving invisible swords in the air, thought that would be quite entertaining! We should practice using our imagination to bring life, humor and color to each day.

I remember Easter as a child. When I woke I found HUGE, white and powdery foot steps leading to our front door. “The Easter bunny was hear!” I’d scream, and proceed to search for neon colored plastic eggs filled with sugary confections and, if I was lucky, a couple quarters. It was not my imagination that created this easter bunny, it was my mother’s. Her ability to let go of “grown up” world and imagine something beyond made my childhood quite special.

Even if you don’t have children, take a few minutes out of each day to imagine, create … believe. Believe that the black and white of your 9-5 can receive a splash of vibrant color. Write a poem, color a picture or dance around your house! I think if each of us practiced this “silly” moment in the day of imagining, believing…  in something beyond what we see it would make it that much easier for us to believe in what we DO see.

That much easier for us to believe that we can get that raise.

… easier for us to pass that test, get into that program or make that first move.

The magic of believing goes beyond playtime. The magic of believing is for everyone.


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