sibling summer

Pink’s Ultimate Tigers Blood

The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Hide&Seek in Walmart

Bountiful Temple

BBQ in Idaho



City Creek Fountains

Airport :(

The next time your little brother or sister steals your shirt or leaves their cereal bowl to crust on the counter; just smile. Smile because you have the chance to see them everyday.  My family reminds me of pin ball. Multiple dimensions, sounds and lights crammed into a transparent box, all working together but somehow against each other in old-timey harmony. To explain how each of my siblings relates, but doesn’t, by blood or marriage or by chance they wandered into our lives, would take a drawing, a mural even to illustrate clearly. I digress, this last week my little sister Audrey Jay came to Utah to visit her big sis. She lives in Portland with her pops and her trips sure highlight my summer. 

While she was here we went back to our home state, ate ribs and adventured to Lava Hot Springs. Though our high diving adventures in the pool were overtaken by poop, broken necks and thunderstorms we were able to risk our lives, or atleast get a scrape or two, in the roaring rapids of the river at Lava. Parker, Brayden, Audrey and I packed our over inflated tubes up the hill and slid down the muddy bank to the river. Brayden and Parker were flipped, Audrey was stuck in a whirlpool and I lost a shoe. We continued our week of adventures in Utah where we saw the Dark Knight Rises (best movie in the world), visited City Creek Mall, played hide and seek in Walmart and took an evening stroll to the Bountiful Temple. We went on a trip to the Hogle Zoo. Audrey, Marshall (brother) and I were mesmerized and excited by the insane monkeys and majestic giraffes. Our last morning we took a bike ride; it is amazing how much my heart grew just talking with my sister for few more hours before she left.

Life isn’t easy; we all have heard this a million times but having love in your life sure does lubricate the hard times. Make sure to nurture the relationships you have and open your heart to those around you.


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