all responsible now

well I’m back from fantasy wedding/honeymoon land and reality just slapped me swift in the face :)

time for work, cleaning, responsibilities; who signed me up for this? on the bright side i live with my sugar daddy now and oh is it bliss! our little apartment is coming together (complete with a bean bag for a couch) and the whole sleepovers with my hunny by my side thing is really all its cracked up to be!

so now i join the hoards of newlyweds and newlymommas out there who have pledged to update their blogs this year (GO US)

i decided since I’m all married and responsible now i am going to start a “spending diet”. the days of being free to buy 6 nail polishes because you can’t decide on a color are over and one day soon sugar daddy and i might want to upgrade our bean bag for a full fledged couch! i found this “budget (nasty little word) on a rad blog called “and then we saved” it is perfect for me because i hate all that money/interest rate mumbo jumbo, this is simple. you list your needs + your wants and you simply eliminate spending of your wants and find ways to cut back on your needs (BRILLIANT). The “spending diet” allows you to set aside a certain amount each month for fun, we are doing $100. If you want to get crazy you can do the “spending fast” this is when you ONLY spend on needs, call me weak but we must start slow :)

below are my wants + needs, i had to do this publicly so i keep this promise (not easy i love eating out… and clothes… )




food (try and by off brand-boo, no lunches out, eat out once a week)

utilities (lights off!)



gas (use less :)

toiletries (i am a bathroom product hoarder so i pledge to use up my old stuff)

wants ($100 per month between park + i)

fancy hot cocoa at the cafe (make at home )


new toiletries/makeup

eating out (once a week :)

movies out (netflix to the rescue)

hair cuts, pampering


at the end of each month take EVERYTHING you save from not “wanting” and put it toward any debt you have (highest interest rate first) or towards savings.

all of  a sudden a “budget” is fun, the challenge excites me! it helps me realize what is truly important and really enjoy the luxuries. let me know if you have tried something like this or are going to take the challenge!




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