quirks of a married

“oh my gosh you are married!!!!!”

ive heard that roughly 2-3 times a day since we returned from our honeymoon. it scares me a little that people are so shocked im married.

what they should be concerned about is what goes on when you are married; why didnt anyone warn me!? there are some strange little things that happen when you get hitched.

1. all sense of nakedness goes RIGHT out the window. it all started on the honeymoon and now if the door is shut while one of us tinkles i get a little worried.

2. you never leave the house; after all why would you? this might be a honeymoon stage disease but sugar daddy and i dont even have a couch but we never leave the living room; its bliss

3. im overly concerned with the laundry as if there is some sort of wife ruler that is watching over me with her perfectly starched shirts and chewy cookies just judging the crap out of me


these little quirks make married life like a box of chocolates… in the “i dont know what im going to get, i hope i dont get the nasty orange cream” kind of way. and, it’s also in a “mmmmm i just got the gooey caramel one” kind of way. every morning i thank my lucky stars (and moon, sun, sky and clouds) that i found my sugar daddy 11 months ago. our adventures have only begun.


photo 1


photo 2

photo 3



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