so just call me felica fat bottom. almost all that parker and i did for his bday was nosh. on buffalo chix pizza, la beaus greasy-bacony burgers, amped up toaster pastries, banana caramel cake, rootbeer floats (and refills of rootbeer floats) oh + plethora of sour patch kids \ we may have a sweet tooth.

so im fine with it but parkers all good at making goals and stuff so he started researching this thing called the “warrior diet”. some dude named herschel walker is one of the worlds greatest athletes and it’s what he does so naturally its great.

basically, you don’t eat all day (unless you are dying then you eat some fruits, veggies +/or nuts). so we decided to start this business today. ive already had a smoothie (full of fruits and veg right?) almonds, carrots, snap peas and oranges.

as i have been researching this crazy thing i have discovered “clean eating”, paleo etc.. which might be a realistic compromise between warrior and my original eat-everything-in-sight diet. the basis of it is that we were made to eat the fruits, veggie, nuts and meats of the land. and to make it even better, it helps with digestion, diabetes and can clear up those nasty breakouts. boom. im in.

so we begin today, im going to make some spaghetti squash business for dinner (lets see if it can compare to buttery noodles, doubt it but i wont hate till i try it)

do any of you paleo or anything similar?


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