keeping my namesake

talk about ADD.

i have decided that i should use my weirdly spelled name to my advantage, so my blog is back to lets stick with that. ive also kept my bitter “i dont have a husband and im getting old/the horrible life of dating” posts in my archives, so if you are feeling all down in your luck check those out, you’ll instantly feel like a winner.

when you get engaged your world sort of changes, completely changes. no more parties, dates or googly eyes from the dude in the produce section. it’s quite refreshing. your girlfriends also become a gillion times more important. long talks about the oddity of marriage over paninis + crumb cake are worth their weight (or yours after the indulgence) in gold.

i have a few homegirls i hold really close to my heart. the conversations we have never leave the table.

kym and i met at a fairytale like “cabin” last year. it was the best blind date ive ever had. since then we have bonded over baking skype dates, random road trips and trips across country. now i am married and she is engaged to our future president. in a week i will be numbing the pain of sugar daddy leaving me for curry + elephants with a trip to arizona with kym. oh sunshine and swimming pools here we come!

ive convinced her that she needs to blog. afterall she is the most interesting human ive ever met (all hot + musical). check her out…

babe right?



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