random + a .com

today i got zinc poisoning | literally, i little white pill made my body curl into a crampy little ball and i laid on my love sac till 2

and i was so… blah

ive been having major cabin fever. it would be more bearable if i actually were in a cabin

logan is frigid. like crunchy snow frigid. and to make matters worse there arent really any inside places that entice the mind. {if you are from the valley and know of any, holler}

so my mind has been desolate. somedays i feel like i have Alzheimer’s, which is probably my worst fear. then i realize that this is my fault. so i packed up my laptop and ventured to the cutest little cafe | a little treat of culture + neighborhood that serves some decadent hot cocoa

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


while im being random. do you ever “feel” memories. i am not sure if that even makes sense {sugar daddy didnt seem to get me but ill try}. every once in awhile when life is all muted gray i start to “feel” memories. not just the smell of coconut reminding me of bronzed skin + popsicles. like i actually get a little homesick for a memory. a little longing for that first whiff of summer rolling in, a little nostalgia for BBQ on the lawn. and sometimes it even kind of hurts. like one of those dreams you wake up from and feel all wobbly + weird.

oh + im sportin’ that .com now | alwaysfelica.com





2 thoughts on “random + a .com

  1. hopefully are cycles arent lined up too;) ill be down this weekend, OH WAIT. you are leaving. to prep our beautiful AZ for our arrival.
    cant wait to see you girlfriend.
    do you watch greys anatomy? you are my christina.

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