forever sleepovers


you know that wobbly feeling you get inside when something doesnt quite feel right?

its sort of a mix of puky and anxious. i havent had this in a hot while but this morning sugar daddy left for india. i was all tough and “independent” as i jumped on my plane to arizona. i was happy + excited to be here all day.

then night hit like a big fat kick in the ribs, i havent slept without my love yet. i dont know how i ever did this before? 

you know that feeling of waking up at a sleepover and forgetting where you are? i feel like that only i havent gone to bed; mommy dont likey. its at these moments when the world seems to be going on around you + youre just warped in the middle that you realize how connected you are to those you love

how a simple kiss goodnight and the familiar touch holds you together; life glue. 

to be clear; i love my girls. i love this week of laxin’ with my main squeeze kym. this is just an ode to forever sleepovers. to my hubs. he is truly my rock; the simple things really are all that matters. 



One thought on “forever sleepovers

  1. I feel ya-there was a couple of weeks after Tay and I got married were I left him in Nebraska and I came home to get an apartment and find a was so strange sleeping without him! It’s crazy how something so small can mean so much when you don’t have it. I’m sure the time will fly by and you two love birds will be reunited in no time! :)

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