the skinny on friends



sorry for the writing hiatus; i was in arizona. hal lel u jah. i needed the sun more than i can tell you. but im back to life in utah which means lotssss of down time, so ill blog a bit more :)

my week in az was spent with ms kym smith. soon to be mrs nelson {she gets married next week, so back off i know she’s a babe} kym is one of those soulmate friends. the kind that pretty much knows e v e r y t h i n g about you + its not even scary because you truly trust them. we had numerous heart digging conversations about love, marriage, the church etc. it was truly enlightening; like my own little rehab/spa. i learned a few things about friendship on the trip.

– there are really no “body boundaries”, enough said

– there is no such things as “mine” or “yours”. which is such a brilliant concept; to share, old school style like our mothers taught us.

– compliments are plentiful. i cant tell you how many times kym said “you look so ____” fill in the blank (great! cute, ripped! tan!) and vice versa. it really is refreshing to be grown, to have friends who are confident in themselves so they can also build those around them up.

– patience. oh sweeeet patience. i cant tell you how many times my sad butt was huffing on the trail behind kyms toned tushy. and what did she do? encourage me.   w a i t for me.  what a blessing.

yes friendship is such an amazing thing. and speaking of, one of my dears miss lizzy lou (aka slizzard, or just liz if you prefer) wrote a little “guest letter” to my readers. this is one of my favorite things; honestly. its like a little hazelnut creamer in your usual hot cocoa. so shes telling some single stories below + if you are feeling it here is her blog.. and you can read a little post from me there as well!

“I met our dear Mrs. Allen back when she was Miss Cox. And let’s face it; I’ve had a woman crush on her since day one. How could you not? Naturally I was flattered when we talked about the idea of writing a guest post on each other’s blogs.  So here I am people, a SWF looking for people to come join me at my blog and stay awhile.

My blog is about my dating life and the events that get me in between dates. I’ll give you a taste of the kind of dates I go on so you can see how awesome it is. Enter boy. We go on a group date. Or at least I thought it was going to be, but apparently he didn’t get the message. We get there and sit around for a good two hours watching YouTube videos, sing to the guitar, then decide to go to dinner at 9:30. We go to Chili’s where we meet up with my guys date. HAHA. Did this really just happen to me? I’m now the seventh wheel. Perfect. To make it better, I ended up paying for myself. After dinner everyone goes back to the boys’ house and homeboy promptly goes to bed. I get to sit there and do nothing while the other two girls and guys flirt with each other. Plus, we drove down from Logan to Cottonwood Heights so I was kind of stuck. Welcome to one of the better “dates” I’ve been on. You just can’t make this crap up!

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. My name is Liz Buckner, I’m from Salt Lake, LDS, serial dater, workaholic, lover of food (seriously), traveler, twin and a student. Sounds pretty awesome, right? I think so too.  I’ve got a pretty awesome family who I just love so much it’s crazy and I have just as equally awesome friends. : ) What more could a girl want than that? To answer that question let me tell you what I love, and then I’ll answer. I promise.  Or maybe you’ll be able to guess.

I love my family. Seriously, nothing in the world compares to them. It wasn’t always peaches and cream. I mean, I don’t know of any siblings that didn’t argue over who didn’t do their chores, or wearing each other’s clothes without permission (and not to name names, but someone in my family still does that).  I think my sibs are the funniest people I know. My dad is a hoot and my mom is a rock star.  I love that they love me and I love them. Pretty much it’s a win- win situation.

So what else do I want in life? I want my own family to love.  I want a hubs, some kids, a goldfish, cats, dogs. The whole shebang.  Being single has been fun and all, but let’s face it; there has got to be more to life than awful first dates, being set up on awkward blind dates, and free meals. (As a side note: free meals are pretty great too.) But you catch what I’m throwing, right? If at the end of all this dating nonsense I get to have a family of my own, then it will be all worth it. In the meantime, I’ll endure making conversation about the weather over lunch.  :) “

 oh and isn’t this the cutest thing ever?! I need one.

-always felica

the powell trip were liz + i because fwiends

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