hs dating advice + giveaway winner!

back to my knotted, gnarly + grungy roots. d a t i n g {wretched word really} who likes dating? def not me; and if you do im taking your temp tonight.

my little sis is a BABE. like, turnin’ heads takin’ names kind of hotness. like, megan fox better watch her blue eyed-pouty lipped back because audrey’s on her tail.



well this fine thing went through something today. something we all remember. you’re first r e a l l y tough breakup. like that kind where you sort of feel like puking + passing out at the same time. (just me? haha) where it seems that your whole world is crashing down around you. like walking down the hall to first period will suck the life from your veins (dramatic? we all were.) the kind that takes a solid weekend (yeah, we were young and recovered quick) to leech the poison of the “it’s not you it’s me”

dang straight its you. its always those greasy haired boys who want to play more call of duty and bro out that do the breaking up. usually over text (or in our case msn messenger)

then why does/did it hurt so bad? if they are just useless and greasy, why does every taylor swift song hit wayyyy to deep? because; our hearts are so raw + fresh at that age. we havent been callused.

so as little as advice is absorbed at that age in these situations; this post is for miss Aj. keep your perfect little chin high. You are so young and there are plenty more heartbreaks to save your tears for. also, you are so beautiful; build your talents and your intellect and save them all for someone who will truly cherish you for the daughter of God that you are.


oh! and speaking of beautiful and talented! mrs sammy sweeten has won my giveaway (+ if you know her you know that this totally random drawing would fall in her favor!)



sammy is the sweetest, kindest most loving person and she deserves this little treat! so sammy, send your address to felicaann@gmail.com and i will get you your prize lickety split!



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