the sunshine state

more than a month since my last post? completely unacceptable. but i can blame a new job, a new state, new acquaintances and stresses; life just goes on all around us even if we dont want it to doesnt it?

park and i moved to california. well he moved me here and then went back to finish his mba (you go boy) while he was gone i learned that california is my long lost love. the people are the kind of laid back that makes you want to stop brushing your hair, oh and the hair! the hair here is perfectly sunned and full of salty waves. stars wander among the normal population and there are beaches with volleyball and surfing. or shells and tide pools oh and if you head down 15 more miles there are beaches with fancy shops and quiet walks.

and i dont even need to mention the weather because its 80 with a breeze always, unless you are within 10 miles of the coast and then you cant even feel the air because its that perfect

california makes me want to raise long haired, tan little surfer children. it makes me love cut offs and flea markets. california was made for me

in other news,

our first samples of pacpacks are here! my friend kabron and i are designing these rad little bags for kids tiny backs and i couldnt be more excited. (stay tuned for pre orders, you know you want one)

my little sis is visiting for a few weeks this summer. she is a stunna. not sure how i share a gene pool with her. its been epic having a sidekick.

we live in a town called riverside, it is about 30 miles southeast of LA. the locals call it the inland empire (its supposedly the ghetto place to live) but ill take it. maybe it’s because i havent ever lived in CA but i think it is perfect. e v e r t h i n g is within 40 mi of us. gritty sunset blvd, 10 gillion malls, restaurants of every flavor and the donut shops! save me now.

i once read this article; and while it was probably in vogue or allure, they have some pretty rad writers + it was about california. it told a tale of a city that was the first to do well everything. the juice cleanse, yoga, neon clothing, surfing, natural makeup, rock and roll and just about everything else originates in the sunshine state.

so naturally i feel much more “hip” here. but then also so inadequate, we are adventuring to the long beach flea market tomorrow in hopes of keeping up with the locals

people keep saying to me “California? Fun! When are you coming back to Utah?”

and i would like to set the record straight. . . never.

okay, never is a strong word


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