this husband thing

so park has m a j o r jet lag. the past couple of nights he has passed out around 6:30pm & then he sleeps till about 4 in the morning; its rooouuughhh. come on india, you just took sugar daddy for 12 days and now this? 

only upside: lots of time to think (and read, watch my shows, do face masks) ha but mostly think.

life in this moment feels so endless. but then i talk with my parents or grandparents and they claim the opposite; that life is “gone in a wink”. which makes me wonder what the heck im doing with my wink

marrying my best friend/lover/partner in crime is the best thing that has ever happened to me. it has grounded me, made me confident & brought a whole new level of love for our savior. 

since about the time we got engaged i have had some family + personal challenges that have tested my foundation. i was always raised to “put on a front”; you know… “beast it” (please tell me you’ve seen beasts of the southern wild- a m a z i n g) but it got to a point where i just couldn’t anymore and i realized it was totally okay to let go. 

to just collapse + cry because park has my back. marriage is so crucial because we need that. we can only be superwoman for so long. and i am so grateful for that blessing; that heavenly father sent me this knight in shining armor. 

its the real deal this marriage thing, youve gotta try it