a year

its spring break. holyyyy junk. its been one year since sugar daddy and i took that fateful ride from farmington to rocky point

one year since i fell in love with his grandpa like driving + addictive smile

its been one WHOLE year since our first kiss; man, time is a sneaky little snake. well i am back on the path of our love in arizona (but alas without my hubs) but ive got the next best thing; miss kym, she is filling my days with sun, hummus and getting swoll | and by swoll i mean her, she is an animal; im just over her getting itchy from the pre workout. oh and i lost my big toenail, it looks perfect {so do my grass vball scars, mmm}

i just adore arizona. its sunshine really brightens the damp soul of someone who has been trying to survive a logan winter.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

oh + probably need to out our engagement vid on here- badaaa ding bada boom