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so, im not really a jewelry person. it probably stems from my tomboy past. dangly earrings just rub on my face {i loathe stuff touching my face} and bracelets get in the way of e v e r y t h i n g; especially the important junk like eating, typing + writing.

but hey, everyone likes to feel all girly sometimes. i tend to lean towards simple necklaces + stud earrings. the other day i ran across a jewelry designer on insta. her name is cathryn. she makes these pieces of jewelry that all somehow mesh together into a collection of urban | gold | feminine | chunky but delicate goodness; mommy likey.

ive never done a giveaway but lets shoot for the moon. check out the pieces she sent me… rad right? | you can have some for yourself, enter below |


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pppps. these photos are brought to you by the infamous casey mcfarland; and the letter Z.

– this giveaway will end march 13


life on monday

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3its a common theme to hate mondays. and while i adore the spontaneous lovely weekend there is something about making lists + checking them off.

this monday i went to lunch with my sweet sister in law. not only is she insanely pretty (let me tell you about blue eyes and brown hair {swoon}) but she radiates light. she leaves in May to spread the gospel to the hearts of cali.

as a convert i respect her so much for this decision | we chatted over curried noodles + i got a little more sad that she is leaving.

on the way home i think heavenly father decided to bless me for absorbing her goodness. i decided to take the backroads past our house and what do i see… RUE.

on the porch. OUTSIDE.

my heart dropped at the thought of her running away.

happy monday.

ooh and i got new boots.