Love me different.

There is something about traveling that opens my eyes to
new worlds, new concepts, new opportunities. This winter break I
have ventured from coast to coast sweating on the Florida beaches
and daring the wonderfully harsh streets of New York City. In the
process I have seen many sights and come in contact with an
exacerbating number of humans. The experiences, while overwhelming
at times, have added a spice to my life that I will forever

I have met sunshine junkies, greased up and running the
streets of Ft Lauderdale. Their only goal to become the most
physically desirable sex pot on the beach. I have crossed paths
with frigid worker drones in Manhattan. Not freezing only in touch
but in demeanor. They take no mind to the smiling face across from
them on the sidewalk. They are, stereotypically, self absorbed and
I long to hug them.

My travels have taught me that love exists in
all walks of life. We all long to love, to be loved, to embody
love. There are many who do not admit this. And some who take
advantage, but in the end we all need love. A baby needs to be
coddled, a teenager accepted, a dying grandparent visited. There is
a stage between these in which, I believe, the most important type
of love blooms. This is the love that is unexplained, uncontrolled
and often goes undetected. This form of love takes two beating
hearts to build but all too often ends in the bleeding of one. It
is a sort of love that creates life, fuels life, and ends it.

I have dated many in my 21 years. I have felt love, lost love, and
all too often longed to feel it. I’ve seen relationships crumble,
blossom, and flourish. I’ve received advice about my love life and
given it, all with minimal results because no single human is
identical to the next, consequently it is seemingly more impossible
that two humans drawn together by unexplained chemistry could ever
be even similar to another companionship. Based on this fact that I
have no facts to base this opinion upon I offer my advice on
finding love. Don’t compare yourself, your relationship or your
significant other to the people surrounding you. Respect; respect
the other human heart that you hold on your hands. Because as
fragile as this task may be one thing trumps all and that is truth.
No matter how severely it burns when another throws your heart on
the ground, something about knowing that they were honest with you
quenches the coals within.

If all else fails. . .

If all truths,respects and comparisons fall short for your heart, I can offer you
one last piece of advice; love. Love unconditionally. Find one
person who without a doubt completes you. No matter how much you
fight, no matter if your world is flipped upside down, love them
until your lips are numb from kissing and you fall asleep in their

Because love, in the end, is all we’ve got.


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